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    Mother Nature
    offers lunch

    “Mother Nature offers lunch”: this is the motto of Rosario, son of the island’s fishermen for generations and a great connoisseur of the same. Favignana and its sea offer to Rosario ‘only’ raw material, extraordinary and unique, which in his hands with love lives a second life.


    Your catch
    to zero meters

    During the morning the catch passes from the networks to the kitchen of Cristian II: Rosario’s fishing boat, aboard which you will enjoy a taste experience in its many facets, savoring the true art of fishing and relishing its fruits immersed in the enchanting stretches of turquoise water of the island.


    Together with your ‘Captain-Chef’ you will have the privilege of enjoying your catch which you will have sailed with nets at the beginning of the fishing excursion and that Rosario will have prepared wisely onboard, to offer you a rich and unique menu, which varies network by network everyday.

    Program of the day
    "Fishing & Eat!"

    AT 9:00 am DEPARTURE

    departure from Favignana’s port (near hydrofoils boarding) or from the port of Punta Lunga (south of the island), depending on the weather.


    AT 4:00 pm RETURN

    Return to the starting port. The place of departure will be agreed the evening before the excursion during the booking process and the subsequent payment of the deposit.

    After leaving the port of departure we navigate to the point where the networks were laid the previous night and we proceed hauling them. While sailing towards the coast you will attend removing the fish from the nets and the explanation of the various types of fish, with stories related to the fishing. Once you reach the covees sheltered from wind and waves, you can dive into the calm and crystal clear waters, while Rosario will begin to cook. Once back onboard after the many soothing baths, you will begin to enjoy the day’s catch cooked by Rosario.

    Not just a tour of the island then, but a real taste of Favignana, far away from mass tourism and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, known only to Favignana’s fishermen, while the air emanates the scents and aromas of the zero meter Fish, artfully prepared by Rosario only for you.


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